[Releases] School in the Wild Ch. 50 & Room 305 Ch. 110

I finally finished School in the Wild’s newest chapter around yesterday but didn’t want to release in the middle of the night so I just waited.

Anyway, I don’t know how often I’ll release but I’ll be working on translations and stuff here and there. It’ll be slow but I’ll try and continue going forward.

Hopefully you guys enjoy. Thanks for staying by my side through this whole time even if I’m unreliable. I appreciate it.

I’ll update the reading links as they are uploaded. Mangafox means I have to wait and see if mods let it through unlike Batoto.

School in the Wild Ch. 50: Read Online // Download
Welcome to Room #305 Ch. 110: Read Online // Download


[Words from Chi] Status Update: Why I Fell Off the Face of the Earth

Hello everyone! It’s been a long while hasn’t it? Two months or so?

I’ve been handling a lot of personal problems as of late so I had to worry about that rather than work on scanlating. I had to really take the time to focus on myself since I really needed it. It’s like life wanted to pile on curveballs and screw me over. Life just sucks sometimes.

Anyway, I’m gonna try and be back now. I have some new announcements on the scanlating front.

So, I originally was going to pick up “Utopia” to replace “Welcome to Room 305” since I couldn’t find raws. Obviously, I haven’t worked on anything scanlating related at all for two months which is why I haven’t worked on Utopia yet.

I will now retract my words on working on Utopia. I’ll put that on the back burner. Thanks to some hardcore searching around, I got my hand on SOME (NOT ALL) the raws for “Welcome to Room 305” (YAY!)

I now have Ch. 110-157 (missing Ch. 139 though) on my computer, ready to be cleaned and scanlated. I cannot find Ch. 139 or Ch. 158-171 to complete the series unfortunately.

I think the missing Ch. 139 pisses me off more than missing the last 13 chapters because it’s right in the middle of available chapters so there’ll be this weird gap that I have no idea what happened.

I’ll restart working on scanlations soon. Date to be determined but soon. Sorry for the long wait you guys.

[Words from Chi] Quick Update on Stuffs

Just wanted to update everyone real quick on what’s going on.

I’m still talking to some people about “Welcome to Room #305” raws and I’ll get back on that. Still gonna look for a raw provider but I’m gonna put this on the back burner as to not make myself depressed for messing up haha. I’ll be releasing the remaining chapters I have on hand and then it’ll be officially on hiatus. Anyway…

Since I have placed Welcome to Room #305 on indefinite hiatus due to lack of raws, I decided to pick up “Utopia”. I’ve downloaded ALL the raws so no worries about a similar scenario occurring with this series (especially since it’s a completed series, it won’t be long before it’ll be put up for purchase or rent). I’ll update ya’ll when I’ll start working on this. I’m still debating on whether I’ll start the series from the beginning again OR if I’ll just pick up where they left off.

School in the Wild is also coming back in the near near future sooo look forward to it.

I’ve also saved all available chapters of “The Devil King is Bored” as of today. I currently have no plans to pick up this series. I only saved them all in case I pick it up in the future or another group wants to pick it up and for whatever reason they can’t get the raws or they just want the raws all neatly packaged for them since it’s a shit ton of raws.

I’ve chatted with BaboKimScans and they currently still have this series up in the air on whether they’ll pick it up or not so this series will continue to sit not picked up by anyone I guess. Sorry you guys.

That’s it for now! 🙂

[Words from Chi] Apology for Committing the Same Mistake Again – Putting Welcome to Room 305 on Indefinite Hiatus & Picking Up Utopia

Hello, this is Chi again. It has been awhile since I’ve posted or released anything since I’ve been swamped with college.

It has been brought to my attention that Naver has struck down another popular series by removing all the raws and moving it to purchase or “renting” the chapters. All the raws were originally available for a long time, even during the time I was actively working on this series. Only an 11 chapter preview is left.

I am extremely ashamed in myself because I did this exact same thing with Blind Märchen as I did with Welcome to Room 305. I put too much faith that I had enough time to lackadaisically download the raws since they stayed up for so long so I thought they’ll always be up. I was dumb. I should’ve known Naver was just slowly moving old series’ chapters into their new system for sales. Although I’m mad at how Korea makes it so hard for foreigners to purchase items online on a majority of their sites, I can only blame myself because they gave me every chance to claim all the raws.

It is all my fault and I take full responsibility for my dumb actions. I apologize to all of you. I hyped you all up and I fucked up by being lazy. I really should’ve downloaded everything but I didn’t do it because my own arrogance. I really am unprofessional and should’ve taken every chance to get the stuff I needed to work on this wonderful project. I didn’t even need to download it all in one go I had weeks to do it…it’s my fault for not paying attention actively to Naver’s movements. All I can say is the repeated typed apologies that I have already typed up back when I dropped Blind Märchen.

I am very sorry you guys. I really suck and all I can do is kick myself a million time and even that’s not enough. It’s all my fault. 110%. I really really suck and deserve all the hate I can get for being a horrible webtoon scanlator.

With this development, I will be putting Welcome to Room 305 on indefinite hiatus (potentially dropping) after I release the remaining chapters I have on hand. (Ch. 110-113). After that I’ll have to halt releases due to lack of raws. Maybe in the future it’ll be officially released in English on either the official Line English Webtoons or Taptastic.

Below will be my future plans for what I’ll be working on since I got this news.

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[Releases & Words from Chi] School in the Wild Season 3 Complete!

Yeah, so if you look at my last post I said I’d release the next chapter of Welcome to Room 305 before I’d finish School in the Wild Season 3…but before I knew it I was working on the last chapters of this season…

So in the end I unintentionally lied! Sorry! For sure now though, my next project will be some chapters of Welcome to Room 305 since I’ll be putting School in the Wild on a little hiatus before I start the last season. Just so I can focus on school as well as Welcome to Room 305 fully.

Anyway, here are the links before I go on talking about other things:
School in the Wild Ch. 49: Read Online // Download
School in the Wild Ch. 49.5: Read Online // Download

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[Releases] School in the Wild Ch. 48 Out!!

I finished it for yesterday but went out with the family instead! Anyway, here is the next release for School in the Wild!

This is the 2nd to last chapter to Season 3 then we’ll head into Season 4 (the last season) after Ch. 49. Ahh, so close to end that it’s sort of sad since this was my very first project I worked on as an independent scanlator. The memories~

Hopefully you guys enjoy this chapter as we are wrapping up learning more about Neukdae’s past!

School in the Wild Ch. 48: Read Online // Download

I’ll be working on the next release for Welcome to Room 305 this week so that’ll be what’ll be released next. After that it’ll be Ch. 49 for School in the Wild + the Season’s Epilogue.

[Words from Chi] Just an update on stuffs!

Hello you guys! So unfortunately no releases this week because I was mostly studying. Anywayyyyy~

I’ll probably release something School in the Wild next week and then get onto working on another chapter of Welcome to Room 305! If you look in the my “Project Status” chart you’ll see that I’ve updated some stuff.

How I’ve been working has just been translating. I used to not do this for this group since I work alone, but I’ve been typing up translation scripts (aka the translations on a word document) instead of typesetting while translating. I’ve been too busy to clean but when I’m taking a break or just chilling I translate. I’ll probably just start doing that from now on so I can be ahead on translations instead of waiting for me to finish a full chapter and release to continue translating another chapter.

School in the Wild has both of the last chapters of Season 3 completed so I’ll close out that season probably within a week or two. I’ll probably complete 1 chapter translation maybe this weekend or sometime this week for Welcome to Room 305 since I’ll also be studying for my last exam of the first exam period of the semester.

Hopefully that gives you a general idea of the speed I’ll be working on from now on. It’ll be alternating every week or two between projects. Keep an eye on the “Project Status” page for anything you want to see on when I might release something or what stage of work I’m on if you’re really curious.

Thx for following me you guys!