Welcome to Room 305

You never know how many quirky people you’ll meet.

Author’s Summary (off Daum):
“A regular college freshman Kim Jung Hyun and his roommate Kim Homo are polar opposites and friends. It’s a story that deals with many sensitive topics with
a dash of humor.”

Title: Welcome to Room 305
Author: Wanan
Artist: Wanan
Genre(s): Slice-of-Life, School Life, Psychological, Seinen, Drama
Official Status: Complete
Scanlation Status: Indefinite Hiatus

Original Link: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=25735

(Please visit the original link and flip through the comics. This will show your support for the artist. Feel free to rate each chapter as well to show your reaction.)

Description: Normal college freshman, Kim Junghyun, just wanted a normal college life. Move in with a roommate, become best friends with said roommate, be the best bros ever, get a girlfriend, etc. Needing a place to stay, Junghyun enlists his friend to find him a place to stay and was recommended his friend’s friend. Unfortunately, his new roommate is more than he bargained for. Kim Homo is loud, dresses weird, eats a shit ton of sweets, is messy…and also homosexual. Follow Junghyun’s journey through college, learning to tolerate and accept his new roommate and his sexual preferences, while also meeting other characters that don’t exactly fit what people would think as “normal”.

This story gained popularity for it’s funny story telling, ability to still tell a realistic story of struggles many people face, but also it’s forward thinking, teaching everyone that even if your sexuality and gender identification is not deemed normal, you are still just a human being

Reason for Indefinite Hiatus: In desperate need of raw provider/proxy. If I can’t obtain raws, I can’t work.



Chapter: 108

        You can download all the chapters HERE!


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Room 305

      • Hahah I actually thought it was ALL the chapters (erm… previous ones) but I forgot I can get them all on madokami anyway <– dumb :'D
        Regardless, thanks (again? still?? ??) for having a download folder for yours!!

      • Haha no I don’t have access to those chapters. Only things I translate. (There was 107 previous chapters so I wasn’t willing to go back and translate all previous chapters again like I did when I started School in the Wild)

  1. Found some tumblr post that gave this site http://top.cafe.daum.net/_c21_/home
    I can confirm that it has the raws, hopefully you can use this

    ” I don’t know any manhwa translation groups, so I’m just gonna post it here. This website has up to chapter 157 of Welcome to Room 305 raws. To find them, go the website and search “어서오세요. 305호에” (the Korean title of Welcome to Room 305) followed by the chapter number you want. The website will then give you a link to an article on the website that has the chapter. Unfortunately, the website prevents right-clicking, but this can be bypassed through the “Enable right click” Chrome app, if you’re using Chrome that is.”

      • Haha nah man it’s cool. Thx for taking the time to tell me. 🙂 It’s still appreciated. Yeah I checked daum and the chapters I’m missing are still missing unfortunately. I’d be fine with stopping at Ch. 157 but like that one chapter in the middle missing upsets me haha.

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